A Sunday Kind Of Love
"Not since Frederick Exley’s dark and introspective A Fan’s Notes in 1968, has a serious novel explored the inner turmoil of the American football fan. David Benjamin has ended that literary drought with his latest novel, A Sunday Kind of Love."
The Life and Times of the Last Kid Picked
"…David Benjamin delightfully takes us back to those dear, dead days in his embellished memoir, The Life and Times of the Last Kid Picked. Basing his tales on real things that happened to real people, Benjamin has changed names and otherwise buffed up his memories.…"
Three’s A Crowd
"…a compelling, black-comic Hitchcockian tale. Benjamin writes with clarity and precision, and creates believable, cringeworthy characters who talk like people you may have met. He plays with the time structure of his story in ways that keep the reader racing through the pages…"


David Benjamin, author of Three’s a Crowd, started his first novel at the age of nine, reading chapters aloud to his fourth-grade-classmates at St. Mary’s School in Tomah, Wisconsin. Part of that grade-school experience was recounted and embellished in his “memoir,” The Life and Times of the Last Kid Picked, published by Random House in 2002.

Benjamin’s experience also includes a intimate familiarity with Paris and Las Vegas, the two locales in Three’s a Crowd.

Now living in Madison, Wisconsin, Benjamin has also made his home, over the years, in Boston, Brussels, Tokyo, San Carlos, Calif., Paris, Long Island and Brooklyn.

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A Sunday Kind of Love  
(Event Horizon Press, 2014)

Three’s A Crowd  
(Event Horizon Press, 2013)

In the works:
The Voice of the Dog


David Benjamin’s Weekly Screed evolved from his early essay-writing efforts in high school, in Madison, Wisconsin, in the1960’s, in an unauthorized “literary magazine” called The Id. His models then for what he calls “One Thousand Fearful Words” included the beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti, humorists Mark Twain, James Thurber and Robert Benchley and several great journalist essayists of mid-century — especially those who wrote with tongue in cheek — among them Russell Baker and Mike Royko. As a regular essayist, Benjamin began with the Mansfield (Mass.) News, where he served as editor from 1977-84 and wrote more than 700 separate weekly columns on sports, politics and entertainment.

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