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Back home, in the Shinjuku death maze

Back home, in the Shinjuku death maze by David Benjamin CHIGASAKI, Japan — On the streets of Tokyo, population 20 million, facing waves of 80-year-old kamikaze bicyclists wearing surgical masks and wielding umbrellas like bayonets, watching with wonder as an office lady in a pencil skirt sprints through traffic on three-inch heels with a stack…
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“I came… for the waters”

FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 2015 The Weekly Screed (#715) "I came… for the waters" by David Benjamin KOWAKIDANI, Japan — You don’t have to go far in Japan — maybe 100 yards in any direction — to find something weird. On our way here, we passed by the alleged cradle of the kamaboko, the classic Japanese…
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To a lot of athletes dying young

, footballTUESDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2014 The Weekly Screed (#693) To a lot of athletes dying young by David Benjamin MADISON, Wis. — Just about every year in Japan, the tabloid press reports the death of a young man, in his late teens or early twenties, in a sumo stable somewhere in Tokyo. The story typically…
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